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Provide consulting, production management and logistics when developing your event.  You provide us with what is needed and we can "Bring Solutions to Events".

Types of services within a gig

Fireworks displays, pyrotechnic displays, special effects (cryos,fog, hazers, confetti etc...) scripting and choreographing, staging, sound, venue design, production management, logistics, transportation of equipment and/or performers, catering, CDL A drivers and much more.  We can produce a production from start to finish or cover a specific aspect of your event.

Company Info

Started in August of 2015.  We have over 200 years of experience in the Special Events Industry. 


If you are interested in a fireworks display, staging, sound etc... We can provide to you information from our staff for an event from start to finish.  We are partnering with many companies for all aspects of the Special Events Industry..  Which will bring cost savings to your event.

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Along with providing services for many events within the USA, we can also provide techs internationally.  Or if you are a production company coming into the USA we can provide techs to work your event, permitting and assistance making the events run smooth.


Do you develop your own events or partner with other companies within Special Events?  Answer: We can do either.

Can WNR provide watchful eyes and verify product totals for the customer?  Answer:  Yes, you let us know what needs covered and we will develop a process of checks and balances. specific to your event.

I have a band in Spain and we are looking to travel within the USA to play at 20 cities, can you assist in aligning us with the proper fireworks companies to get product for stage and handle all the permitting for each city.  Answer:  Yes we can.

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Customers types

Cities, States, Gov't agencies celebrating events

Private Parties, Weddings, Fairs & Festivals, Competitive Races, Birthday Parties, Concerts 

Companies within the industry needing assistants, techs, house license etc...

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We are the connection source of Special Events. Whether a Customer, Tech, Company we will bring it all together to make everyone shine for a Special Event.

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We "Bring Solutions to Events"  We will meet your expectations with a fair price bringing the quality at an affordable cost.

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William with University of Illinois, "WNR provided excellent service with providing house license tech for our events"

Jerry with Springfield, Ohio Festival "We have enjoyed working personally with Jon for the past 10 years, he shows great passion towards the special events industry"


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We can meet in the Akron/Cleveland area, let us know when you are in the area.  Our techs are located all over the USA.

WNR Enterprise - Special Events

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